Industrial Workshop Curtains PVC Spray Booth Screens

Industrial Workshop Curtains PVC Spray Booth Screens

Factory partitions manufactured in the UK

We manufacture all types of Industrial Workshop Curtains plastic Spray Booth Screens.
we offer a bespoke custom made PVC industrial garage curtain service to cater for every working industry
Our affordable Screen wall dividers is a must for your car automotive body repair shop, smart repair garage.
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spray booth enclosure


Our high quality affordable heavy duty painting bay pvc screens and industrial workshop curtains are manufactured in Chesterfield, UK.
Our products are manufactured from flame retardant reinforced PVC, and are supplied in a range colours with a high quality finish to compliment any factory, repair garage, MOT test centre or working area.

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Our typical example of our affordable, high quality, heavy duty,
auto body smart repair booth with our velcro fixing system.
We only use heavy duty materials that are flame retardant.
Our reinforced crystal clear painting booth screens, are available in custom and bespoke sizes and styles to suit your workshop or factorty area
Our design allows for easy access and removal when needed but provides a dust and fly resistant area.

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Our made to measure industrial factory wall spray booth screens curtain wall and enclosures can be used for all types of industry, typical uses are to separate work space for fabrication, heavy machinery, milling and woodworking. This example is fixed using a torsion wire fixing kit which provides simple installation and a cost effective solution for all types of busy factory workspace.

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Smart Repair Auto Body Repair
Wire Fixing Kit
custom made made to measure

UK Manufacturers of affordable quality garage partitions blinds, paint booth screen curtains our custom made products provide retractable space saving and cost effective solution for all types of smart repair car body repair work areas

Our fixing kits use a tensioned wire system which allows for smooth operation back and forth, the fixing kit is a simple but effective design with a simple installation process.
we offer a industrial heavy duty galvanized track

Our heavy duty plastic screen walls come in a range of colours and styles, we manufacture and design your spray booth curtains and dividers for any requirements,
We provide a service ideal for car body repair

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